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Last Updated: 13th of Jul, 2020 at 5:11PM


Who is a Pawo Agent?

The major concern of Pawo is to create enough job opportunities in our own capacity. An agent on Pawo is a vendor who has been verified on Pawo to resell E-code and make a massive profit, E-codes are given in bulk to an agent to re-sell to a new user who wishes to join the platform for the first time.

What is an E-code?

An E-code is an alphanumerical electronically generated code with unique "PWF as the prefix and "-" as the infix, and random 10 in length alphanumeric code e.g PWF-S2RE12X8Y6 and it is used to activate a new user's account. It is an alternative means of activating an account when a user doesn't want to activate his/her account using an online payment method. 

How much can I make Reselling E-code?

We can't anticipate the amount you can make reselling E-code but we have thousands of new users who wish to buy E-code to activate their accounts, we are exceptionally certain about the monstrous sales, however, we can't be explicit about the specific turn-up. We pay a 10% discount on each E-code you sell.

Note: We pay the user who referred the person that bought E-code from you N1,000 for his/her referral bonus. So it leaves us with N2,000, Which out of this N2,000 we have left is where you will get your 10% profit which is equivalent to N200 per E-code you sell.

What Will Be The Cost To Become An Agent?

It is free; we don't need you to pay us before we add you to our agent's list. We need you to pay us with your commitment and hard work.

Will I Have To Purchase E-codes?

Becoming an agent on this platform means you are fully ready to work with us and also make money reselling our highly demanded E-codes and we are also concerned about your wallet at the moment.

You don't need to pay before you get E-codes, you just need to sell them before you pay us, isn't that awesome? For a start, we will release 20 E-codes for you to sell. Your quick sale the first time will determine how many E-codes are to be released to you next.

How Will I Pay After Selling Those E-codes?

The moment you are done selling your E-codes or you want to remit the little you have sold, We have two ways to remit your E-code fund, Remit Via Online Payment or Bank Transfer.  VISIT HERE to Remit the fund.

Note: On every E-code generated for you, you will automatically be the seller, so, every time you sell E-code to a new user and the person comes to the website to use the E-code, you will be credited your own percentage immediately but you won't be able to withdraw the fund until you remit the money with you.

How can I be an Agent?

Showing interest been a part of the Pawo agent is an intense advance to take and we firmly know this will serve as an extra method of earning more on this wonderful platform.

Below Is The Required Documents Needed For Agent Application:

  • Scanned Valid National ID card (Permanent Voter's Card, International Passport, Drivers license, NIMC National ID, etc)
  • Scanned Passport Photograph
  • Facebook Profile URL
  • Username on Pawo
  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Office Address ( If Any)
  • Valid Phone Number

Note: Your National ID card and Passport Photograph should be piled in a PDF file and attached to the mail

Once you have all these required documents, You need to write to us about your intent to become a part of our agents. You can send us a mail to [email protected]