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Last Updated: 15th of Jul, 2020 at 2:07PM

Below Are The Frequently Asked Questions:

About Pawo Nigeria?

Pawo Nigeria is a news forum platform where all your activities on the website are been rewarded. We pay you for creating content, for interacting in a forum post, for sharing Facebook Task, Referral Bonus, Testimonial Video Bonus, Alert Screenshot Bonus, WhatsApp Task Bonus, Sharing of Forum Posts Bonus, and Daily Login Bonus not excluded. Read More About Pawo Here.

Is Pawo a registered Company?

Pawo Nigeria is a subsidiary of Megatrust Technologies Limited, a company legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC No: 1543324 in November 2018. The website is keen to make sure all it committed members are paid for their reading passion on the 15th and 30th of every month for participating in Pawo Nigeria's daily activities.

How does Pawo Works?

Some time ago when we just read for passion, however, the sole interest in this new era is based upon bringing about consistent earning and making money online and not just to read alone. Pawo Nigeria is a money-making news forum platform that bridges the gap, It is a platform where all your activities on the website are been rewarded. We have designed a page to explain how the whole ideology worksClick Here To Read More

What do I need to Register?

We have tried in our best capacity to make sure registration is very simple and swift, it will only take a few seconds. The website is at the highest speed to make sure you don't encounter any delay in the process of registration.

The registration process will require N3000 before your account could be completely set up and payment could be done by purchasing E-code from any of our verified agents or making payment online which is the fastest means of activating your account as everything is done automatically. Purchase E-Code Here! or Register Here.

Why Do I Need To Pay Before I can Use Pawo?

You are required to pay a one-time activation fee of N3,000 to become one of our premium users which will give you total access to all the earning benefits on the platform. We want your commitment and the best way to have you stay committed is to have you pay to use our platform. We don't want to have thousands of accounts that are inactive because we made the registration FREE; we have noticed people tend to value what they paid for. In a few weeks, you will make thousands of naira in no time on this platform. Kindly be aware that it is not compulsory to pay before you can make use of our website, you only need to pay a one-time activation fee of N3,000 before you will be able to enjoy all the earnings benefit on the platform which make you one of our premium users. Please take note!

What is an E-code?

An E-code is an alphanumerical electronically generated code with unique "PWF as the prefix which stand for Pawo Forum and "-" as the infix, and random 10 in length alphanumeric code e.g PWF-S2RE12X8Y6, it is used to activate a new user's account. It is an alternative means of activating an account when a user doesn't want to activate his/her account using an online payment method.

What can I use E-code for?

E-code on the Pawo platform is designed as an alternate method of activating a new user's account on the Pawo Platform, Probably you encounter an online payment issue or you choose not to pay online for your own personal reasons.

How Much Does E-code Cost & How Can I Purchase Mine?

The cost to purchase an E-code is the same as the online payment method which is N3,000 on the platform, any agent who is requesting for an additional fee outside the official amount should be reported to [email protected] and such agent will be cautioned immediately or suspended with an immediate effect depending on the magnitude of the offenseYou can purchase your E-code from any of our verified Agents, which you can find HERE

How Can I Buy Bulk E-codes?

We have designed a great package for users or affiliate members who wish to purchase over 10 coupons at a time; we give you a 10% discount on each E-code you buy on our platform in bulk. Payment could only be made through online payment only. BUY BULK E-CODE HEREKindly connect with any of our verified e-code sellers Here if you are buying less than 10 quantities of e-codes at a time. 

Do I Need To Pay For Anything After The Registration Payment?

No!!! The N3,000 payment is a one-time payment which you won't be asked to make another payment after the initial payment.

Can I Have A Multiple Account?

It is against our terms and if we find you with multiple accounts, you will be penalized for it.

I Am Yet To Open A Bank Account,  Can I Use Someone Else Bank Account?

It is optional; we allow you to receive your payment to any desired Bank account. As long as you know about it.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

We are so much concerned about your satisfaction and we tend not to delay your payment once you hit the minimum payout amount of N4,000. We make payment into your account within a few seconds of withdrawals.

How Can I Become A Pawo Agent?

If you don't want to be limited by what we pay at the end of the month and you wish to earn daily, you can join our E-code Agent where you get a percentage on every E-code you sell for the platform.

We sell E-code to you at wholesale at a 10% discount on each E-code you sell. the moment you join our Agents, your name will be added among our Verified Agents which will increase your sale quickly. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE on how to become an E-code Agent.

Must I Refer Before I Can Withdraw?

We don't place you under conditions for what you worked for, the moment you earn on the platform, we don't put you into conditions to stop you from accessing your fund. The moment you earn up to the minimum payout you can withdraw and receive your payment to the Bank account submitted. 

I referred Someone But I Wasn't Paid

You don't have to panic; we got you covered, kindly send an e-mail to [email protected] the issue will be fixed within 24hours.

Where Can I Locate My Refer Link?

We made this very simple, immediately you log in your account, kindly scroll down a little on your dashboard, it is below the website header.

How Can I Use My Referral Link To Invite Someone?

The moment you register and you have activated your account, you with be automatically given a referral link which is unique, kindly scroll down a little on your dashboard, it is below the header, copy it and give it to anyone to register with it. Visit Here To learn how to build a Referral Team

How Can I withdraw my Referral Bonus?

As soon as whosoever uses your referral link to register activates their account, your referral bonus will be available for withdrawal on the website. The minimum amount that you must have on your referral bonus wallet is N1,000 which is achievable to get fro. referring just one user to the platform. Immediately you click on the Withdraw button, your withdrawn referral bonus reflects on your bank account within a second.

When Can I Withdraw My Activities Earnings?

The website is keen to make sure all it committed members are paid for their reading passion on the 15th and 30th of every month for participating in Pawo Nigeria's daily activities.