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Content Author: Pawo Nigeria
Last Updated: 13th of Jul, 2020 at 7:24PM

About Monthly Referral Task

This task is designed to show gratitude for your commitment and your hard work on the website which we so much value and respect. When you apply for our monthly referral task and we approve your application, you will be able to refer people to the platform and stand a chance to win prizes...In regard to this, lots of prizes are to be won during the period of Monthly Referral Task, Prizes like: iPhone 11 Pro Max, 52'' LED Samsung Smart TV and lots of cash.

As soon as you apply, you will be able to see the statistics of your activated referrals on your account dashboard once your application has been approved

When Is Application Opened For Monthly Referral Task?

Application for the monthly referral task is always opened on the first day of the month and we need some requirements to apply.

When will the Winners be Announced and Where?

All the Winners will be announced on the last day of the month on our website here. We'll send both E-mail and SMS across to all the winners about what they just won. Their won item shall be delivered to them within the first 7 business working days of the following month by our delivery agent.

What Are The Requirement Before A User Can Apply?

  • You Should Be An Activated User on Pawo
  • You Must Have Participated in Our Forum Task At Least Trice.
  • You Must Have Created An Active Pawo WhatsApp Group
  • You'll Have To Provide A WhatsApp or Telegram Group Link
  • Your Facebook Profile URL is needed
  • Your Home Address
  • Your Phone Number And Email

You Must Have Participated in Our Forum Task At Least Trice: Your Facebook profile URL will be collected and checked to be sure you have shared any of our forum tasks in the past history on your Facebook wall/timeline.

You Must Have Created An Active Pawo WhatsApp Group:  We'll use our technology to look into your submitted WhatsApp group link and make sure the group is creating in the name of Pawo.

Your Home Address: This is very important, the moment you win a prize, Pawo dispatch rider will deliver the prize to the address you provided and we will deliver it within 7 working days.

Your Phone Number And Email: This serves as a means of communication, we are collecting this from you just to pass pieces of information across to you the moment you win your prize.

If you believe all the conditions stated above are met, kindly apply for the referral task Here.

Below is A BreakDown Of Prizes And it Requirements:

S/NMinimum Referred UsersPrizes
1300 iPhone 11 Pro Max
220052'' LED Samsung Smart TV
3100₦120,000 Cash
450₦55,000 Cash
520₦22,000 Cash
615₦10,000 Cash

Note: Minimum Referred Users refers to those users you bring to the platform that has activated their account successfully by paying for the one-time activation fee using our online payment gateway or via E-code purchase from any of our E-code agents. You won't get anything apart from your normal referral bonus if the number of activated users is less than 15 within the monthly referral task period. Please take note!